Guitar building course- telecaster 230Being able to perform excellent repairs and upgrades is an important part of our business.  Here are some sample tasks with prices.  If your issue is not represented here, contact us with the details. Set-ups
Solid body electric $40.00
Solid body electric Floyd Rose $50.00
Hollow body electric $50.00
Acoustic $40.00
12-String electric or acoustic $75.00
Fret Work (set-up is recommended/included in some repairs)
Complete fret level and dress $120.00
Minor fret dress $65.00
Dress fret Ends $30.00/hour
Re-fret (includes set-up and parts) $300.00
Partial Re-fret (3 to 12 frets as required) $175 - $250.00
Re-fret – bound fingerboard $300.00
Re-fret – maple fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish $375.00
Custom Nut Work (set-up recommended)
New guitar and bass nut (add $5.00 for parts) $50.00
Replace pickups, bridge, etc.                                $25.00/hour
At this time we are not doing acoustic guitar structural repairs, or electronics repairs.