All Brown Bear Guitar prices are subject to change and are quoted in Canadian dollars.  For a detailed quote, please contact us.


The Basics:

*Basic builds are with hardtail style bridges, basic dot inlay, traditional woods and natural oil finishes. TV Jones pickups or McNelly pickups are included. For an additional charge, we can use any pickup preferred. Hardware is included but can be upgraded for an additional cost. Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include sales tax. 

Solid body (T-Style, S-style) $2200.00
Chambered/hollow body (T-Style or S-style) $2500.00
Solid body (JM and Custom body style) $2500.00
Hollow body JM or custom body style $2800.00


Compound radius fretboard $75
Vibrato tailpiece $150.00
Custom Inlay $30.00/hour
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish (solid colours) $350.00
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish (transparent) $400.00
Burst or Relic finishes $450.00

More Custom Options

All options are customizable, from neck and body wood, neck and body binding, neck specifications like nut width, scale length, fretboard radius, fret size and most anything you can think of. This is YOUR guitar, so whatever you can think of, feel free to ask.


Turnaround time for custom builds is currently about three months. Delivery times are subject to change.


Here are some sample tasks with prices.  If your issue is not represented here, contact us with the details.


Solid body electric $60.00
Solid body electric Floyd Rose $80.00
Hollow body electric $60.00
Acoustic $60.00
12-String electric or acoustic $75.00

Fret Work (set-up is recommended/included in some repairs)

Complete fret level and dress $120.00
Minor fret dress $65.00
Dress fret Ends $30.00/hour
Re-fret (includes set-up and parts) $300.00
Partial Re-fret (3 to 12 frets as required) $175 – $250.00
Re-fret – bound fingerboard $300.00
Re-fret – maple fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish $375.00

Custom Nut Work (set-up recommended)

New guitar and bass nut (add $5.00 for parts) $50.00


Replace pickups, bridge, etc.                                $30.00/hour

At this time we are not doing acoustic guitar structural repairs or any finish repairs.

Here are a few of my favourite parts resources.

Craig Vineham Hand-Wound Pickups, made in Canada
McNelly Pick Ups, made in Canada
TV Jones Pickups, made in USA
Exotic Wood Supply
A & M Wood supply in Cambridge, Ontario