Here are some comments by Brown Bear Guitar owners Lucas Haneman I have had my brown bear guitar for just over two years and in that time it has become my number one electric. I get compliments all the time for its unique sound and appearance. As a player, I truly feel that such a one-of-a-kind and sturdy handmade instrument is extremely rare. Thank you Jesse for handcrafting versatile guitars that allow an artist to unleash their inner voice! Tony Berns Jesse Brown is an upward-bound young luthier with the unique ability to craft solid, quality instruments for the working guitarist. They combine good looks, sturdy practicality and an attractive price point with great sound and playability. I would not hesitate to tour with one of Jesse's guitars and that's the highest praise a working musician can give. Jonathan Friedman Almost 2 years ago, I asked Jesse Brown what kind of guitar I should purchase, and he said, “Buy one”?!? I looked at him, flabbergasted. He then said that we would embark on a journey together to build what would become my OWN, CUSTOM GUITAR. Not only did Jesse help me build my guitar every step of the way, he helped create the sound I desired. And thus, after 50 hours of labor, Luna Was born! Brown Bear Guitars is the place you go when you want a one-of-a kind masterpiece that’s YOURS, not the one that belongs to EVERYONE ELSE. Thanks Jesse, not only for an awesome experience and a masterpiece but for a guitar that’s mine in every way. Moishe Kutnowski I’ve had my guitar for a little over a year now and, like the day we first met, I often find myself stealing glances at her, gently caressing her neck, and sending soft kisses down her spine with my fingertips. My creepy guitar fetish aside, one of the best experiences I’ve had was being part of the guitar building process, and the best experiences I’ve had since then has been playing it. Jesse guided me through the whole process and was adamant that any decision I made had to be mine, albeit with loads of helpful advice. I have something that I entirely designed, built (well, kind of), and get to play with for the rest of my life. The fact that the guitar is bitching is beside the point when it comes to things like this; the experience is everything, and every time I pick her up I am reminded of all the amazing licks, bitching riffs, and chilling chords that I have played from the drunken nights I staggered home and it’s the first thing I’m thinking about, right back to that first point that I plugged in her unfinished body with a single pickup in and let rip. I can say Jesse builds amazing guitars with only the finest woods and hardware, that any problem you have, imagined or otherwise, he’ll be there to take a look and do as many set ups till you feel happy, and that he’s a solid dude with a great product, but I think that at the end of the day, when you have something so unique and spectacular that really gives you that element of joy which is usually reserved for special occasions, you can’t help but build memories around it, because it sticks out in your mind. I’ve played my guitar almost every day since I’ve gotten it and I can remember almost every single one of those occasions, from the ten minute stress session to the three hour blues affair on a lazy Sunday afternoon; and I promise you will too. Jeffrey Cohen I had been searching for that perfect telecaster for several months, when I stumbled upon the Guitar Shack in Thornhill, Ontario and some of Jesse's fine hand made guitars happened to be on sale there.   The one that caught my eye was a swamp ash Telecaster with a flame maple neck and birds-eye maple fingerboard.  I immediately fell in love with the feel of the neck, the perfect intonation and the classic tele tone.  The guitar has Dimarzio Area T pickups which are noiseless and have plenty of warmth.  The Schaller locking tuners are a pleasure.   The body has both a tummy tuck and an arm rest, sort of strat style, making it comfortable to play for hours.  I would compare this guitar to anything coming out of that famous maker's custom shop.  It rocks, it twangs and it feels great in my hands.  All that and made in Canada! Jim Welters I was familiar with Jesse's work from seeing pictures on Gretsch-Talk. I wanted a new guitar to commemorate my 50th birthday, combining features of my favorite models. I contacted him, told him what I wanted (only made  a few changes as things went on) and he got to work right away. Throughout the build he contacted me regularly with updates, including photos, and asked questions when needed. A few short months later I had it my hand and it was perfect. The neck especially is the best one I've played bar none and I've owned a lot of guitars. I've never played a guitar where the acoustic sound and electric sound were perfectly matched - lively and responsive plugged or unplugged. Great looker too. I'm already thinking about ordering another guitar built by Jesse and have recommended him highly to anyone who will listen. Great prices too - a hand built custom guitar for less than you'd pay for a pro line production model.